West Point Products recycling program

What is the West Point Recycling Program?
The West Point Recycling program is a laser and inkjet cartridge and cell phone recycling program. This program is designed primarily for the collection of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges and previously used cell phones.

Which Cartridges & Phones Do You Collect?
We collect a variety of laser/inkjet printer, fax, and multi-function cartridges, fusers, and cell phones. Items that cannot be remanufactured are disposed of properly.

How Much Do You Pay For My Returns?
Empty laser/inkjet cartridges and cell phones are subject to changes in market conditions just like many other commodities. The factors of supply & demand affect the values of cartridges and cell phones.

How Often Are Prices Updated?
Pricing is adjusted monthly and new buyback lists are posted to the website at the beginning of the month.

When Will I Receive Payment for the Cartridges and Cell Phones?
Checks are sent on or before the 15th of the month following the month in which we process your cartridges/cell phones. Prices paid are the price in effect at the time of processing.

How Should I Package The Items I Am Returning?
A cartridge’s original packaging is always the best way to protect the cartridges during shipping. If the original boxes are not available, use bubble-wrap, newspaper, or other suitable packing material to protect the cartridges. We will not pay for broken or damaged products. Remember to use the 20/20 rule and send a minimum of 20 items or 20 pounds per shipping label.